Mars 80 by Rybnikov - Unleash Sonic Power and Tranquility

Experience the resonance of Mars 80, a formidable jaw harp meticulously crafted by Rybnikov. Its loud and powerful mid-low tones, forged from stainless steel with a rigid frame and sharp decks, emit a subtly growling sound that captivates.Rybnikov's Mars 80 isn't just an overtone instrument; it's a Russian masterpiece designed to transport you into realms of relaxation and meditation. Playing this jaw harp is a therapeutic process, alleviating stress and promoting holistic well-being. The instrument's vibrations stimulate and invigorate the body's systems, relieving fatigue and tension.

Beyond its meditative qualities, playing the Mars 80 is a form of self-expression, a means to forge emotional connections, and a way to communicate through the universal language of music.

Elevate your musical journey with the Mars 80 - where sonic power meets tranquil melodies. Available exclusively at

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Mars 80 by Rybnikov

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