Kalimba's origin is on the vast African continent, where it has more than ten different names. This proves how popular it is among the local ethnic groups and tribes. However, outside of Africa, kalimba is well known as well - it ideally complements musical compositions of various genres. This “manual piano” is suitable for both accompaniment and solo parts.

Kalimba is a musical instrument with a very interesting structure. Thin metal tines are fixed above the special resonator,  the size and the number of tines affects the tonality, and the possible scale. Additional devices are not required - while playing the instrument is held in the palms or placed on the knees. The kalimba’s amazing sound purity resembles musical bells, but the melodies themselves are surprisingly rich and many-sided. 

Everyone can play a kalimba, child or adult, musician or not, want to have a portable piano to play your soul wherever you wish? Then you just need to buy a Kalimba!

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Karimba 17 tines G minor Turtle Sound

Karimba 17 tines G minor Turtle Sound

Karimba with 17 tines gives more room for improvisation than smaller kalimbas. The sound is clear ..

110.00€ Ex Tax: 110.00€

Kalimba 12 tines pentatonic Turtle Sound

Kalimba 12 tines pentatonic Turtle Sound

Beautiful kalimba with 12 tines, in a deep and calming pentatonic scale. "Box" shaped kalimbas add..

85.00€ Ex Tax: 85.00€

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