Mastering the Jaw Harp: The Fundamentals of Breath Control

Breath Control with the Jaw Harp: Getting Started

"Reality is constantly changing. What you see are mere delayed snapshots in your mind, attempting to futilely depict it."

There's something alluring about this statement. It's as if you're transitioning from a world of three-dimensional puppet figures into an incredibly intricate and infinitely expansive process.

In this realm, events rush through you, and all attempts to cling to them prove utterly futile. Things are constantly unfolding.

Either you are in tune with it or you're not.

But let's not get too far ahead. Like any pursuit, it's essential to start with the basics.

A living being's embryo consists of three layers: endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. These layers eventually shape the organism. From the endodermal layer, the lungs and internal organs grow. This layer provides vital energy to the organism.

The mesodermal layer is responsible for the musculoskeletal system, enabling us to move.

The ectodermal layer encompasses the skin and nervous system, facilitating perception and processing of information from the surrounding environment.

According to biosynthesis and the principles of somatically-oriented therapy, each of these layers represents a bioenergetic flow.

The effectiveness of the interactions between these flows determines the organism's strategy for existence, in simpler terms, how we live. It influences our energy levels, mobility, and mental agility.

When disruptions occur, unpleasantness accumulates in the organism's life. A negative feedback loop is established.

For instance, if I lack the energy for a particular action, I subsequently begin to avoid it, coming up with countless justifications. This behavior pattern becomes the norm. The belief emerges that there's something inherently wrong with me, ultimately shaping my destiny.

I'm using simplifications, but I believe the essence is clear.

Most importantly, during these moments, I don't ponder the endoderm. Instead, I search for more comprehensible excuses within my worldview. I blame "them" or various external factors, conveniently absolving myself of responsibility.

In other words, my worldview is largely conditioned by how my organism functions! And that's astonishing. Human images and concepts merely reflect what occurs at the material level.

The jaw harp serves as a key, allowing for a closer connection with this level.

When I use the jaw harp as a breathing exercise, the following happens:

Firstly, I breathe rhythmically. Otherwise, I'll either start suffocating or fail to produce music.

Secondly, the sound serves as a criterion for the quality of my breathing. The necessary muscles start working more efficiently.

And thirdly, my attention shifts to the first signaling system, in simpler terms, the bodily processes.

By merging these aspects into a unified whole, I begin to physically experience myself as a biological machine. I can rev it up or slow it down.

Repeating this practice, honing this skill, I translate it into an unconscious competence level, leading to more efficient self-management as an organism.

I feel myself as a flow, in time and space. And this isn't mere fantasy—it's a genuinely tangible physical sensation.

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