Jaw harp as a practice of returning your inner self.

There are more and more people who are keen on the jew's harp, but not all of them fully understand the enormous benefits of this instrument.


We will start with perhaps the most valuable quality for a modern person that the jew's harp develops - the ability to switch attention inward, and the results that it brings.

We live in an age of high speeds. The wildest amount of information falls on our heads every day. Buy me, look at me, play me, eat me, join my ranks - thousands of voices literally tear our consciousness into small pieces.

It seems that the world has turned into a farce, in which the main goal is to have a lot of money, then to spend it recklessly. The key value becomes “to have” instead of “to be”; in such a society, the dollar is the criterion.


And this is not in vain for the human psyche. He begins to gradually lose key life guidelines, his prospects are vague, he ceases to understand himself and his place in the world, he feels emptiness and fatigue. His attention is scattered and difficult to consciously control, and his health is inexorably destroyed by bad habits.


This happens for one simple reason - life energy always flows wherever our attention is directed.


If we spend it on a thousand external objects, then all our energy goes to them. And practically nothing remains, therefore it does not work out to change something in life.

But everything can change with the advent of the jew's harp. At first, it is perceived as another object of consumption, a cool trinket, but if you start playing regularly, then life gradually changes, and there is a quite reasonable explanation for this.

Playing the jew's harp stops the stormy stream of thoughts that rummages through our head every moment.

If you continue your exercises and practice at least 15 minutes a day, then the skill of introspection develops in you, you begin to pay attention to what is happening inside you.


On your body, your breath, your feelings and thoughts, your temperament. You seem to be discovering a new world that was with you all this time, but you could not see it because of the constant fuss.

And it turns out to be incredibly interesting too! Many of the entertainment offered by civilization pales compared to it.

Gradually, you free your attention from external objects artificially imposed on you more and more. You begin to hear your inner voice, you better understand yourself and your needs, and you recognize your talents.


There is nothing mystical in that, it has always been in you, you just were distracted for a very long time.


And now you have returned and found that you need to restore the order. But the most interesting thing is that you are willing to restore it! You are gradually switching from “having mode” to “being mode”.

The much-needed energy that was flowing away from you uncontrollably is gradually returning to you.

You again begin to belong to yourself, you have the strength for new achievements. As once in childhood, you take the first steps to creatively manifest yourself in the world. This is the greatest joy that is only available to man. This is what you have been trying to find outside for so long.


The flower begins to bloom.


Best regards Jawharper.com


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