Jaw harp as a psychotherapy "Scream out"

There are several stages in one’s journey with a jaw harp and one of the most dramatic yet nearly inevitable is “To scream out”.

Starting at our childhood we face public restrictions and rules which are necessary to become a part of a human society. But those restrictions are not always met with acceptance and understanding and being smaller and weaker than adults we often react with offence and annoyance.

Those reactions don’t pass without a trace they live in our phycology and body layering one on another. The level of density of those reactions may vary from one person to another but nearly everyone has them. That’s how so called “shadow” appears- suppressed aspects of our behavior which vibrate and affect our present.

One of the beneficial effects of playing a jaw harp is the art therapy, there are multiple methods of art therapy such as dancing, painting and other performances, they all work in a similar way: through a free self-expression we release layers of troubling experiences.

And as playing on a jaw harp is connected with our voice channel, that free flowing improvisation is a way to release our voice and that suppressed voice often comes in a form of a scream. Also playing on a jaw harp is connected to breathing, often rhythmic breathing, it even further increases the effect making it even deeper.

It may not be the gentlest and most elegant style of playing but there is nothing be ashamed of, that process is even necessary to make your inner self complete and structured. Few sessions with a jaw harp and you may already feel the effect. Express yourself regularly like there is nothing in the world beside your sound, improve in your playing skills, and it may even cut the need in psychotherapists.

Now you know that playing a jaw harp is not only a weird hobby like some people think but it is also a psychological therapy, care of self-wellness.


Best regards Jawharper.com


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