One of the basic techniques: Rhytm as a mantra

There are many different techniques to deepen the state of mind when playing the jaw harp. Some are simpler, while others are only available after a few years of regular practice. But before proceeding to their development, you need to start from the very basics.

One of those basic techniques is principle of "Rhytm as a mantra". It is simple, and the first results of its application come quickly enough.


Usually, when practicing in playing, we are often distracted by external and internal effects. Either you remember about business and worries, then someone passes by ... And it seems that something has already begun to work out, but suddenly, a little distraction makes you start from the very beginning.


And it is not even a matter of inattention, although it does take place. The problem is that there is no tuning fork for internal settings.

The principle of "Rhytm as a mantra" allows us to feel these settings, and then to work them out as a practical skill.


Now about how to use it.


Create a simple rhythmic pattern. It will serve as the basis and support of your playing. And in order for the tune to begin to come to life, and to give you joyful experiences, you need to loop the reproduction of the rhythm in your head.

You are not thinking about anything, and you are not engaged in an internal dialogue. Rhythm takes all your attention. It's like a phrase that you repeat in a circle.

By repeating this "phrase" over and over again, you begin to sink into a trance state. You are switched from the mode of recognizing and describing the world to the mode of direct experience.

The concept of mantra is used here as a convenient analogy to help you look at the essence of rhythm differently.

You are not only "rolling" the image in your mind - you are performing a creative act. You sound. Your breath works, and a sound wave flows through your body. This is a degree of immersion of a different order.

There is no ideological implication here at all. No rituals and symbols - only you alone with your inner space.


If you can be in this mode for a long time, then the music begins to flow through you in a natural way. Sounds as if by themselves will add up in sequence.

It's like you start dancing inside. From this point, you can experiment with other techniques. The result from them will be higher.


But remember! The principle of "Rhytm as a mantra" is not as simple as it seems. The first time you will not be able to take full advantage of it. As always, practice is required.

Keep playing, keep practicing, keep working with your attention and the jaw harp will become a little more than just a music instrument. 


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